Invest in nature in the decentralized age

Own remarkable trees selected among the most high-end worldwide groves and managed by passionate awards winning producers.

Attractive historical returns
Carbon credit
Assets-backed tokens
Liquid investment
Low market correlation
Robust recession and inflation resistance
A tree generates up to $300 per year
High end olive oil is sold for up to $50 per liter
An olive tree can live for over 1,000 years
A tree absorbs 24kg of CO2 Kg per year in average

Trusted & backed by industry leaders

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Invest in nature

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between investments that pay generous returns and supporting the environment.

Oleaster is the perfect blend of making your money work for you, while supporting nature’s rhythms of growth and harmony.

Attractive historical returns

Own trees selected among high-end, profitable and award winning properties.

Get annual returns paired with carbon credit

In addition to your financial profits, your trees allows you to offset your carbon footprint.

Liquid investment with upcoming secondary market

Sell & Exchange trees right after your lockup period.

Low market correlation

Diversify your portfolio and reduce market risks.

Robust recession and inflation resistance

Harbor your portfolio with asset classes that out-perform the market during inflation.

A new class of assets

Oleaster is green
Oleaster is liquid
Oleaster is premium
Oleaster is impact-driven
Oleaster is asset-backed
Oleaster is carbon negative

A more natural process

We source, select and offer access to remarkable green ressources selected among the most profitable and award winning properties allowing you to develop your returns, diversify your portfolio and offset your carbon footprint.

We identify

We use our proprietary algorithm to select the most unique and profitable trees among promising markets. We implement our certified management system that guaranties effective trees management, carbon credit valuation and tax optimization.

We tokenize

We link these real, natural assets to a crypto token deployed via a smart contract on Polygon Blockchain, the first carbon-negative sustainable crypto platform.

You collect

You get annual return paired with carbon credit.

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$1000 Minimum initial investment
Access to portfolio manager annually
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$5000 Minimum initial investment
Benefits of our Seed Tier
Personalized quarterly portfolio insight reports
Access to pre-sales
Access to rare products
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$25,000 Minimum initial investment
All benefits of our Sprout Tier
Access to properties and rare products
Access to Oleaster advisers
Access to private sales
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