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Transforming green resources into liquid, tradable assets generating yearly returns paired with carbon credit.

What is Oleaster?

Oleaster is a US based fintech that gives unparalleled access and liquidity to premium green assets (TREES).

How does it work?

Our proprietary algorithm selects the most unique and profitable and remarkable trees among promising markets. We implement our certified and third party audited management system that garanties effective trees management, carbon credit valuation and tax optimization. We link these real, natural assets to a token deployed via a smart contract on Polygon Blockchain, the first carbon-negative sustainable blockchain platform. You select the properties you want to invest in and the number of trees you want to hold. Producers will continue to manage trees on your behalf. You follow year long the cycle of the tree and get annual return paired with carbon credit.

Do I literally own the tree?

You own real rights on the tree and its usufruct backed by two contracts with the producers deployed via a smart contract on Polygon blockchain. The producer continue to manage the tree on your behalf and get management fees in return. You don’t own the land neither have the right to cut, transport or damage the tree.

Can I visit the property and see my tree?

Some producers offer the opportunity to visit the property under certain conditions (appointment, avoid harvest period, eg..). This would be mentioned on the property profile before investment.

What happens is a tree is damaged?

A new tree is planted. Since the return on one tree is a portion of total revenues generated by the whole grove, the value of your tree and return would be only partially affected. (if 10,000 trees have been tokenized, one damaged and lost tree would only affect the total revenues by 1/10,000)

How do you source trees?

We pre-selected and ranked 670+ out of 2000+ olive groves producers based in Mediterranean. We selected 20 top candidates per country (starting in Spain and Italy). We conduct Site visits and perform due diligence. We check business model, profitability, historical data, and social and environmental impacts. We eventually contract the most promising and relevant partners for tree tokenization giving our customers access to the most distinguished high end olive oil producers in the world. We duplicate the approach to new type of trees and other green assets.

Who manages the trees?

We select premium and award wining properties who are willing to sell up to 40% of their trees. They continue to manage the whole property including your trees and get management fees in return. They implement our Management System and get audited by third party once a year. You have access to audit reports and periodic updates and communication from producers.

Is Oleaster specialized in Olive trees?

First issuance will include high end and award wining olive properties in Spain, Italy and France. Upcoming issuances will diversify products with new trees types: Avocado, Cacao, Macadamia, Dattes palms and other natural ressources: Beehives, solar panel..

When will I be able to invest?

First issuance is planned for Q4 2022 where early members will be able to invest in the first selected properties. Starting 2023, we will offer 2 issuances per year. For olive trees, Harvest starts during September. Related revenues are distributed during February

Does Oleaster have a mobile app?

We will be launching our mobile app after first issuance.

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